Lacy: Hock injury (Owner -- L. Stokes, Horseshoer)

Lacy looked like she had been kicked in the hock. It started with an open sore about the size of a half dollar. I didn't think a whole lot about it at the time, but over the next couple of days it got really bad. We put her on heavy-duty antibiotics and took x-rays. The doctor said there was a dead bone chip in there causing a bone infection and that the chip had to come out. We sent Lacy for surgery. They scraped the bone and she did really well for about 10 days. Then she went downhill. We had the bone scraped a second time, and again, she did okay for another 10 days, then started going downhill. After each scraping there would be a fresh wound, and the draining was just awful. Finally, the whole hock was infected plus she had a contracted tendon because of being confined to a stall. We really didn't expect her to live. The vet recommended putting her down. We hated the thought of losing her and thought if we could get her well enough to live her life out in pasture, maybe she could be a brood mare.

I called Nancy Hall and we discussed possibilities, deciding to put Lacy on the Dynamite program. Her response was amazing. In 30 days, the wound had dried up and was healing. Unfortunately, Lacy came down with dryland distemper and was sick for 6 months. We kept her on the Dynamite supplements and, when she was well enough, took her to Nancy's facility where she received regular Acuscope treatments for her hock injury over a three-month period. When she finally returned home, her condition was resolved and she was able to work again. We took her on a pack trip and she did great. Today, the hock is still a little larger than normal and has a little scar tissue, but she's doing fantastic. She has no pain and is happy and healthy.




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