Jake: Bowed tendon (Owners -- D. Strand, Team Ropers)

Upon receiving the diagnosis of a bowed tendon from my vet, I immediately contacted Nancy Hall to find out what Acuscope/Myopulse could do for my horse. Mine was the first bowed tendon Nancy ever worked on, and Nancy worked hard to find out all she could to do the best job possible for my horse. She made numerous calls to other therapists and read everything available to her. She was told by La Nora Moore, Certified Acuscope/Myopulse Therapist and trainer in Louisiana, 'Myopulse, myopulse, myopulse' for a bowed tendon. La Nora works on many horses at Louisiana Downs Race Track with bowed tendons and has been very successful. Nancy started a 30-day treatment program, followed by another 30-day lay up. His follow-up conditioning program included one hour of hand walking every day for 30 days, then another 30 days of "legging him up." The wonderful thing was that we were back roping off of him within four short months of his first treatment, which was almost half the time my vet said it would take for him to heal. We brought him back easy and now (five months later) he is sound and strong as ever.

Jack is to the left (behind the calf) and Jake is to the right

Jack: Lameness (Owners -- L.Parker, Team Ropers)

Jack would come up lame after we would rope. It was difficult to determine where the lameness was because he would point different feet. In addition to his lameness, his coat was thick and curly from the fetlock to the coronary band. I took him to my veterinarian and after several tests, we were unable to pinpoint the problem.

Steve and Denise Strand gave us a gift certificate for an Acuscope evaluation. Jack's readings on all four feet read 000. This meant he had lots of resistance and pain in those areas. Nancy treated him for 13 days. When he came home, she told me to start trotting him out a little each day. I told her if I did, he would be lame again. She assured me this would not happen.

One day, we went for a trail ride and Jack walked so slow, I couldn't believe it. I called Nancy and told her that Jack was usually at the front on a trail ride. She said that was because he had been in pain and wanted to go home. Now he felt good and was in no big hurry. I continued to trot Jack out as Nancy requested. At my next team roping event, Jack did great! We won first place, a new saddle and money! And the best part was that Jack did not point his feet. And his coat, the following season, from the fetlocks down, grew straight.


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