Hunk: Painful shoulder, lame on the left front (Owner -- Lorna Burke)

Hunk was turned out into an arena for exercise. When I went to put him up, he was lame on his left fore.

I loaded him up and drove to Chino Equine Hospital in California. After x-rays, blocking and other tests, veterinarians were unable to locate the reason for his lameness. I was instructed to take him home and lay him up for 30 days and come back for a re-check. Basically, the vet gave him a clean bill of health and couldn't find anything wrong with him.

30 days later, he was still lame and the x-rays were clean. I was told that at the track a dye test was available which might help, but I was unable to afford it.

I began trying various forms of alternative therapy trying to find something that would work on Hunk's left fore. Two years had gone by since his original injury with no improvement. In fact, he had gotten worse. His left fore was smaller than his other feet. He didn't like me working on his left side at all and he was still lame.

When Nancy Hall told me about her Acuscope/Myopulse therapy, curiosity got the best of me and I decided to give it a try. During the evaluation, Hunk was swishing his tail in Nancy's face, making faces and kicking towards her as if to say - "stay away from me".

Upon palpitation Nancy found the worse area to be the left shoulder and left pectoral muscle under the elbow. Because Hunk was "threatening" Nancy blind folded him so she could approach him with treatments without him setting himself up. Within 30 seconds of treatment his whole body relaxed and we took the blindfold off. His head sunk down, eyes closed and lower lip inches away from his mouth.

Hunk looked forward to Nancy's arrival every other day and he would wait at the gate in the morning for her. If she would skip a day, he got mad. (The only other times he waited at the gate was when he was going to a show, which he loved.) I could tell the treatments felt so good to him by the look in his eyes and the expression on his face. They really made a difference. He went from a nasty, mean "don't touch me" to "oh boy, here she comes." She continued treatments for two months and, by that time, he was doing fine. I followed his treatments with an additional month of hand walking and eventually light work, including lunging and riding walk/trot (he was green broke). I did take him to a halter show after his treatments and he took two 1st places and three 2nds. I guess that was his test and he passed with flying colors. I didn't believe in this therapy before because I was not knowledgeable about it but the more I saw and the more I watched my animal, I totally believe! I have referred a lot of people to Nancy, people that didn't know what was wrong with their horses and who weren't seeing improvement through traditional medical interventions. I highly recommend it to people who have tried to help and just aren't getting positive results.


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